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Welcome to my portfolio. Here you can learn more about my professional career and some of my other interests and activities. I am a mobile software engineer currently focused on iOS, Objective-C, Swift and related technologies (HealthKit, WatchKit, etc.) with additional Java EE, .NET, LAMP and Flash experience. For more than a decade I have worked on a wide range of small and large scale applications for various industries.

As of December 2018, as part of the acquisition of MedHelp, I am now a senior software engineer with StayWell. I am continuing to work on the original iOS and Android apps from MedHelp while also working on StayWell’s own StayWell and Onpoint mobile apps. CI/CD is also part of my focus as we’re continuing to use Jenkins/Fastlane/etc. for our workflow. In addition, I’ve also been assisting with various bugfixes for the main MedHelp Rails application, which also serves as a backend to the MedHelp mobile apps.

As of February 2015, I was working at MedHelp as a senior iOS engineer focusing on health related apps and technologies (Sugar Sense, My Cycles, I’m Expecting, My Diet Diary and more) while I work on my own personal projects at Guidance Is Internal. I also maintain various repositories on Github as well.

I most recently worked for OpenTable as a senior software engineer on the consumer iOS team (3/2012-11/2014), assisting with the development of the universal OpenTable US, UK (toptable), JP and DE iOS apps. I also assisted with redesigning portions of the Foodspotting iPhone app. Prior to this, I worked for Dotblu, Inc. (2009-2012), where I developed scalable private sales, local offers, and contest solutions under BluLabel, which offered branded websites for companies such as OpenTable, Cumulus Media, the San Francisco Chronicle | SFGate and more. Part of this included the development and management of its nationwide white label e-commerce iPhone application platform, which was in use by the now defunct SweetJack and SFGate Daily Deals sites.

In the past I’ve written for the now defunct Mobile Orchard “This Week in iPhone News” column and I continue to work on iOS and other projects in my spare time.

I’ve also completed an Arduino Xbee temperature sensor project that I had on the backburner for a while.

For other projects that I’ve worked on, please visit the Work section of my portfolio and for any inquiries, do not hesitate to contact me.